A mix divided into a chill out and a punchy house part. A mix full of synthesizers and beats. Maybe a little uptempo for your average Chill Out session go ahead and dive into abstract downtempo. Enjoy.

Artists on the mix:
Smek (Rey & Kjavik Remix) Yuma, Rey & Kjavik
Honest Original Mix Eli & Fur
Wakanda Omerar Nanda Edit Omerar Nanda, Jack Essek
Passengers Original Mix Roderic, Jacqueline JonesX
Mariposa Viken Arman Remix Viken Arman, Canu, Nu
Andromeda by Be Svendsen
In Bloom (Timboletti Remix)
Territoria K (Original Mix) Thommie G
Plum (Acid Pauli Remix) Geju, Acid Pauli
Cuarto Camino (Original Mix) Ulises
Finally (feat. Jalana) [Dayne S Deep Mix] Sweed, Jalana
Pan Klub (Original Mix) (Ulises
El Mazena (Original Mix) Hot Oasis
Folha de Jurema Crussen s Creamy Cocodub
Our Mutual Friend Feat Xique Xique Original Mix
Alive (Nutia’s Busdriver Remix) Billy Caso
Napauken Feat Fruiterama Original Mix
Couteau (Original Mix) thds
El Mazena (Original Mix) Hot Oasis
Territoria K (Original Mix) Thommie G
Passenger (Original Mix) Speaking In Tongues
Surumu (Original Mix) Sascha Funke
Tchori Tchori (feat. Uakti) (Joutro Mundo Mix) Selva Discos
In Bloom Timboletti Remix
Honest (Original Mix) by LuvClap
In Bloom (Timboletti Remix) Miret, Alizarina
Mariposa (Extended Version) Canu, Nu, Alejandro Castelli
Oriental Tales (Original Mix) Rapossa
Mira La Luna (Original Mix) Dandara
Wakanda Omerar Nanda Edit
Kaluma (Original Mix) Jacob Groening

Christian was born in Klagenfurt, Austria, after graduating, he left Austria and spent nearly a decade of travelling the world. He decided to settle in Australia, where he currently acts as the Director of Datanova, focused on delivering cloud-based software solutions for Australian and New Zealand Government Service Providers.