Warning, not just a mix! It’s a love story a horrifying one I must address starring …. meet Duchess House a manhunter and the perfect lover! A demon assassin in most cases after strong men and killing since the beginning of time. Camouflaged as the purest lover made from the fabric of your dreams. How I found out you may wonder? Truth is a dear friend informed me of this evil just the day before he mysteriously died. What he spoke of was about the exciting and the dark times with the monster. Just as Downtempo music started to surface around Ibiza that very same time they met. Like a sponge, I absorbed the story just like a dark, tribal, techno dread sound the ultimate dubstep. He explained with his eyes scanning the past “making love to the most beautiful woman felt feeling like floating over the highest mountains followed by the sound of nu-disco. Electronica for the rescue I recorded the story … to be continued

Christian was born in Klagenfurt, Austria, after graduating, he left Austria and spent nearly a decade of travelling the world. He decided to settle in Australia, where he currently acts as the Director of Datanova, focused on delivering cloud-based software solutions for Australian and New Zealand Government Service Providers.