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Christian Krauter

Music Producer
Founder & Visionary

Christian was born in Klagenfurt, Austria, a small place close to the Italian border. After graduating, he left Austria and spent nearly a decade travelling the world. He decided to settle in Australia, where he currently acts as the Director of Datanova, focused on delivering cloud-based software solutions for Australian and New Zealand Government Service Providers.

Music has always been one of the most important things in Christian’s life, and every spare minute he gets is dedicated to it. With a wealth of musical knowledge that spans multiple decades and genres, and being in love with music his whole life, Christian started mixing in 2017. Delivering the finest of electronic music vibes; he gained global support and sized up on Soundcloud listeners and spots on Spotify playlists.

Christian had no musical background; however, he taught himself by examining DJs, watching tutorials and combining the latest innovation in technology with creativity. His creative process is unique, whether you are listening to a live set, mix or a single track. He continues to reinvent himself and gives any production or event 100%. This philosophy is evident, not only in his live sets and mixes but also in his work as a producer, programmer and remix artist.

He is also the Founder of Datanova, a visionary and digital business solution architect with 24 years experience in the rapidly expanding fields of information management systems, data governance and customer focused-strategy. Christian Krauter, is a recognised expert on analytical applications for Australian Government Services focused on improving client’s business results through cloud development, information management and data governance.


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