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Duchess Series


Duchesses Love Crimes – Part One

Warning, not just a mix! It’s a love story a horrifying one I must address starring …. meet Duchess House a manhunter and the perfect lover! A demon assassin in most cases after strong men and killing since the beginning of time. Camouflaged as the purest lover made from the fabric of your dreams. How I found out you may wonder? Truth is a dear friend informed me of this evil just the day before he mysteriously died.

What he spoke of was about the exciting and the dark times with the monster. Just as Downtempo music started to surface around Ibiza that very same time they met. Like a sponge, I absorbed the story just like a dark, tribal, techno dread sound the ultimate dubstep. He explained with his eyes scanning the past “making love to the most beautiful woman felt feeling like floating over the highest mountains followed by the sound of nu-disco. Electronica for the rescue I recorded the story.
… to be continued


Dirty Duchess – Part 2

With questions still floating unanswered, this mix is my attempt to describe my rather wicked relationship with the Duchess and my attempt to kill her. Chill-out and let’s recap … the duchess is a demon assassin masked as the perfect woman killing mankind since the beginning of time. As it turns out she killed Murray Dupstep a dear friend of mine whilst listening to downtempo mixes spinning nu-disco, progressive house, and psy dub.

I am seeking brutal revenge for all those innocent men killed hunting the demon down regardless of the price. Throughout my travel to acquisition the evil brute most likely satans sister I met a charming woman named Lilith EDM in Tampa South London. A beautiful woman, sweet as life itself….quickly I was consumed by her desire to make love to me and I could not resist. Lilith maintained perfect cover throughout our encounter and we’ve faced treacherous storms and seen the most magnificent rainbows together.

Some would call it LOVE some would call it INSANE. On a stormy summer night watching her dance I discovered that my dear Lilith is the demon I despise and hate so much the world crumbled down on me. The event known amongst my follow warriors as the day the epic final battle begun between evil and good. Like electronica sound recorded in my brain pumping to African bongo drum rhythms, I am recollecting memories about the endless attempts to kill that evil entity. Supported by only a handful of fearless warriors on my side I will not give up with the quest and we may have succeeded in our last shootout between the demon and my lion-hearted warriors.

We buried the demon on holly ground and pray that Lilith shall never rise again. An old church in a secret location making debut as her grimy grave…you should know that it was once a club bringing down the house to dancing music filled with melodic flourishes, fractured beats, and fast soundscapes…still silent echoes still remain. Being in recovery session thinking of Lilith I must confess I miss her so much with my heart raging 80–160 beats per minute.

… to be continued

Duchesses Final Chapter – Wicked Sisters

The production is a follow up to Duchesses Love Crimes (Part 1 and Part 2) of the Duchess House series.

Well for those who are not familiar with the previous chapters …. A reflection in a nutshell, a friend was killed at the hand of a female demon called Lilith HOUSE. I hunted the monster down with the help of my friends and my trusted lion-hearted warriors. Nobody knew that I fell in love with the beast and a part of me died that night as well. An old church in a secret location making a debut as her grimy grave and guarded by my fellow fighters.

A year has gone by since we assassinated the evil spirit in an extraordinary battle and vivid dreams supersede my nights ever since in the revenge of my dear friend Murray Dubstep. All those dreams have one phenomenon in common, a female baptised Banshee walking by my house and whispering a message to me which I can not remember the following day.

Little did I perceive about the world of demons and dark places before I fell in love with the evil brute. And since Lilith death like a maniac, I studied the Clavicula Salomonis Regis a reliant resource in demonology. Putting the pieces together I uncovered the most terrifying fact of my dead lover and villain that I had killed. Raise the curtain for Lilith’s wicked sisters Elisa Succubi, Lady Midday and Suki Onibaba, the latter being the worst of the worst. My brain raging I tried to calm myself down repeatedly saying to myself Chill-out, Chill-out.

It was the very same moment that I realised the sister’s existence, that a killing over the radio was reported. In a shocking state, I listened to two of my club of lion-hearted warriors get butchered at Lilith’s grave at the old church while being on watch. I inspected the grim-faced location with the rest of my men and we identified Lilith’s coffin was empty.

In the blood of the two men killed in big almost ancient drawn letters, it stated ‘gameplay! attention players time will not continue but your leader will be at the dark castle with no walls and time”.

My fellow men and I released that we enrolled in a war against demons older than time. And in conclusion that everything with a beginning has an end and our wish to give the end a fight. We bunkered ourselves in a nearby house up in a hill and away from modern day civilisation to avoid any extra casualties. We didn’t sleep or get rest, knowing the sisters could crash the place any second.

Was it days, hours or weeks we lost track of time, did I hear downtempo music in the background or did we slowly start losing our minds

We are like mice in a trap. All I reminder is that one by one my men just vanished, even though I wasn’t sleeping or so I thought but maybe dozing away in a moment … start losing my mind … and always kept an eye open and paying attention to any change in visual or sound surrounding me.

Was it days, hours or weeks I lost track, did I hear downtempo music in the background or I start slowly losing my mind

I am alone now and it is 6 am in the morning I don’t want to go home – I am losing my mind. The walls of the house leaving in an act of curtain like smoke I looked into the near forest. Shadows of Elisa Succubi, Lady Midday and Suki Onibaba appeared smiling sounds of the wicked sisters nested in my brain proudly holding the heads of my fellow warriors and friends.

As they whispered, “your leader will at the dark castle with no walls and time…” It revealed to me that I am close to entering that place they describe.

As the demons are walking towards me I discovered Lilith’s body on the left side what was once a room surrounded by walls, windows and doors. I was at the centre point of an evil spell … A marionette in a game of the wicked sisters. Elisa, one of the sisters stops in front of me pointed to her sister Lilith’s body clarifying the spell “no time will exist for you. we will take the time to be given to our sister Lilith. She will be reborn again and will kill through time. You will be entering the promised dark castle by me and my sister an evil spell designed for you taking away time the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in an apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.

Was it days, hours or weeks I lost track – start to lose my mind.
Where am I? Who am I? Why is it so dark? ….. I lost my mind!


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