Alissa K’s Dream

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Alissa K’s Dream

A quick taste of what to expect with my upcoming release. Alissa K’s Dream is a single track offering a glance into the remix with beautiful spacious melodies interrupted by static, buzz, with sounds coming from some unknown place. The tracks almost always on the verge of disintegrating and collapsing, before morphing into other sounds. Glitch and error become my desirable ingredients and choice of musical composition.

A dramatic musicality with organic percussion, laying the stunning vocals over a pulsating synth. This slow-slung chugger bumping along with lively trap beats panned percussion and shimmering sounds. Some Vox chops and an edgy breakdown fill out the rest of the track. A balance of vocals and instrumentals creating a twilight feel over mellow sounds in a unique take on all things atmospheric and downtempo. A chill-out well worth checking out.

I hope you enjoy the track and thank you for listening.