Deadpools Tape – Dubstep never dies

He’s a mercenary, a preternatural martial artist, tactician and swordsman. What like deadpool the most? Killing bad guys, right? Yes, confirmed. What else? He loves dubstep whilst he is at it. Right here I answer to questions every Deadpool fan would like to know…

I guess dubstep never dies.

Cable, Deadpool 2

So what the fuck is Deadpools tape?

Remember Deadpool asked Cable several things about how things were like in the future, including whether or not dubstep was still a thing? Cable lets Deadpool know that “Dubstep is for…” well that’s not exactly what really happened. What happened and is not shown in the movie is Cable actually handed to Deadpool the tape your are listening to. No Joke! Hell yeah, you are listening to Deadpools Tape brought back from the future. Remember Cable said and admitted that “…Dubstep never dies.”

So what the fuck is on Deadpools tape?

For the uninitiated, Deadpools tape is dubstep is a type of highly aggressive, super-jittery form of electronic dance music. Or short dubstep …  it’s really manic, electronic-sounding futuristic music. Inlcuding on the mix, some other random of glitch music and an expansive collection of sounds from future beats & eclectic chill. Tempo-spanning  from 70 – 160bpm a collection of tracks sampled from an array of analogue and digital gear primed for instant inspiration whilst doing your killing.

While listening to Deadpools Tape, I hope it inspires you to think about the age-old question, “What superpower would you most like to have?” Or “Who of my friends will be forming my X-Force team.” Enjoy.


Parallel (Original Mix) BubalehG.Star Records
Rapscallions (Original Mix) SpekrFreks Ragtime Records
Flowing Water feat. Pintosphere (Original Mix) Gumi Merkaba Music
Speckless shine (Original Mix) Jahcoozi I-Label
rough.. (Original Mix) Templo DistroKid
REBEL (Original Mix) Lick Deadbeats
Gotta Believe (Original Mix) Elonious Dub-All Or Nothing
Push Buttons (Original Mix) OneLessProducer Weekend Weapons
Dirt Nap (Original Mix) Excision, Subvert Muti Music
Panty Slingshot (Original Mix) Opiuo, Jay Wikid Muti Music
Funkin Lovely (Original Mix) Love & Light Muti Music
Good Times Roll feat. Big Gigantic (Ephwurd Remix) Griz, Ephwurd All Good Records
Kung Fuchy (Sterio Remix) STERiO, Fuchy Crispy Crust Records
Damn Homie (Extended Mix) Crossnaders Dharma (WMG)
Fluidity (Original Mix) Cybercat G’United (Club G Music)
Desert feat. Riccardo Nannoni (Original Mix) Sara Calvetti, Riccardo Nannoni iM Electronica
Removing (Original Mix) Rich Franklin Moodytown
Windows (Original Mix) Alden Groves ZYON.IO
Power Play (Original Mix) Pixelbit Coldwave Recosrds
No I in Team (But M&E) (Original Mix) Wubson, Kyle Goldstein Surrealist Records
Stranger Tingz (Original mix) Stevie cee Monkey Dub Recording
Frost Raven – Dragoon
Fluidity (Original Mix) by Payback
Flowing Water feat. Pintosphere (Original Mix)
Move Up (Original Mix) by Enrico Caruso
Suduaya – Loveology.mp3
Corrupted – Notaker, BlackGummy
Planet X (Original Mix) by Julian Jeweil
Revizia – Phantom (Original Mix)
Prismo – Energy
Parallel (Original Mix) by Etapp Kyle
Kyrill & Redford
Rendition (Original Mix) by Yokaze
Origami (Original Mix) by DJ Dbmassive


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Deadpools Tape

Right here I answer to questions every Deadpool fan would like to know…