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“DJ’s Oomph stands for a person that makes MUSIC and PEOPLE Happy! … and that’s what DJ’s with Oomph are committed to do every time when performing on stage or off stage. Using Dubstep, Future Bass & Chill mixed with VOX and experimenting mixing techniques utilised by house and glitch. Glitch music techniques have been shown to improve the quality of the music’s oomph, compiling the right tracks to create a perfect ultra chic experience.”
Pep Oomph, founder and CEO, Oomph! Music


If you say that someone or something has oomph, you mean that they are energetic and exciting.


The best thing about DJ’s Oomph is that its effects are multi-faceted. For example, 88% of DJ’s Oomph instructors reported a significant or very significant impact on residents’ social interaction and dancing skills in the last quarter of 2018, whilst 83% reported the same on mental stimulation, better sex of residents and 64% on physical mobility. And that’s not all. Activities such as those provided by Oomph! Dancers have a wider impact on the culture and atmosphere in nightclubs or any EDM event as such, with 87% of Dancers reporting a significant or very significant improvement in their flexibility and rhythms since they have been providing Oomph Music sessions.


oomph power to mess with anybody’s head

DJ’s oomph packed of melodic flourishes, fractured beats, and pastoral soundscapes, is a must listen for anyone who likes their electronica with a glitchy edge. The lush, but busy jam gets things off to a gorgeously trap start, preparing us for the heady glitch music ride. Mixes pop vocals with twisted drum n‘ to the echo-heavy EDM, a track with the power to mess with anybody’s head.

The main beat is simpler than most house music, with the drum fills comprised of Latin percussion sounds and the ever-present synthetic “disco toms” in addition to the standard claps, snares, and cymbals in most dance music.

Definition of ‘oomph’

Oomph is an exciting, energetic quality in a person. If you don’t have enough oomph, it will be hard to talk your classmates into voting for you for student council president.

The informal noun oomph is a good way to describe a certain aspect of someone’s personality that resists being named. If you’ve got oomph, you’re spirited and lively — you could say you’ve got moxie or pizzazz. Sometimes the word describes a specific kind of attractiveness or desirability: “She likes that track because of the oomph.” This word dates from the 1930s.

List of included artist and tracks:

Glitchified and remixed by CK
Brayan – Break The Sky (Original Mix)
The Golden Filter – Coincidence (Original Mix)
Rezub – Be Strong (Original Mix)
Culprate – Alpha
ODAKTIN – March The Mechs (Original Mix)
Gentle Eyes In The Gloom – What It Feels (Original Mix)
Ralf Velasquez – Aio Party
Mr Squatch- The Squatch Expands Life (Grouch Remix)
Leendder, Andrew Claristidge – Règlement de compte à la Cigale (Original Mix)
Culprate – At the Gates
Zen Baboon – Full Moon (Nibana Remix)
Blackbass – Tropical
MYTK – Faintness (Original Mix)
Monocat – Shut The Fc*k Up (Original mix)
Deva Premal, AkroSonix – Jai Radha Madav 1.7 (Original Mix)
Rivn – Saint (Furture Bass Mix)
Chelo Scotti – Transitions
Fustrate – Woo!!


oomph Interesting Facts
Definition of ‘oomph’

DJ’s oomph

DJ’s Oomph stands for a person that makes MUSIC and PEOPLE Happy! … and that’s what DJ’s with Oomph are committed to do every time when performing on stage or off stage.