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Combining electronica, future bass and melodic orchestral vibes, while fusing the occasional vox this track is serving up music with an experience every time you play it.

Relentlessly funky rhythms and future bass production. Distorted vox followed by a honeymoon voice. Hiss, buzz, crackle, crunch, amplified objects, orchestral auras mixed with sonic bass. Honeymoon voice layer and play, produce compelling harmonies and rhythmic structures. Quite a range of techniques are used, though mostly invisibly, not drawing much attention to what they’re doing.

Utilising simple samples of piano, violins, flutes, acoustic guitar, drifting percussion or just background noise, painting pictures in the listenerʼs mind which somehow feel very personal. Lays down the base of twinkling violin strings and paints flowing streaks of sound on top, interweaving with each other. From the beautiful opener, with itʼs violin and warm ambient hum, will take the listener on a journey, until they are not even aware of their surroundings.

For me this track uplifting, fun, and great to listen to, though I can imagine it might make some of my friends dance. Memorable and hooky.

But you know what? You can sing along to this too. It’s more fun, a challenge for some, and it might just encourage you to explore your own voice and imagination. Singing as a physical and mental experience to add to the social aspect.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the track, my best wishes Christian

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Eeh Eeh Eeh

A blend of art music concepts with ambient melodies is instantly recognisable for its ability to transport you immediately to another place. Saw-toothed bass, big, up tempo drum grooves drifting from skittish drums and percussion to various ambient, wavering vocals fade in and out of focus, with his typically ambiguous lyrical style only adding to the dreamlike state.