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hey a bass-heavy symphony and modular electronica merge with a righteous sense of dub swag in a thrilling listen of the dense electronic throb.

A musical body of work conjures an air of melancholy and will cling on the listener with quietly mesmerising, invoking images of heartbreak.

Instead, it is happy wooing allowing its moments of spectral beauty to win you over. Made to be enjoyed as a whole, lovers of all things will find much here to like. Highly manipulated Vox loops dancing around dense bass synthesizers. The memorable song structure doesn’t really make sense as it is all highly cohesive in the way lingering dreams are.

The song is both an obvious single and a complete monster, a melody pinch sublimated under  EDM beats. It turns out those dancers are interpreting things correctly: It’s when you “dance like angels do” that “you never get sad and you never get sick and you never get weak. The sound thorny and uplifting, massive bass and saw-tooth waveforms and dashing electro patches.

I hope you enjoy the track and as always thank you for listening and your support.

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