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House Disco Saws

With an infectious bassline, House Disco Saws is an edgy breakdown delivering a track with soaring synth and vocal snips delivering a straight-up dancefloor growler. A bassline that rises and falls in all of the right places, with its frenetic pulsating groove, pounding beats and vocal snips making for a tasty disco-house cut.

It takes a break in the middle to switch a cosmic disco track, before the arps kick in again; the result is something that sounds like a DFA track on speed. ‘With Saws’, meanwhile, has a soaring disco bassline and some Vox chops, as well as wooshes, swirls and – yes – a lot of saws. A disco house cut, which is powered by a driving bassline and powered by soaring saws.

I hope you enjoy the track and thank you for listening.