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If you love me

A combination of hard-edged synths and melancholic terrace vocal cuts, the track has a dancing bassline and tough beats. A touch of filtered nu disco-style synths on the menu for extra shizzle. The main chop punches in and out under a beat groove with an analogue pattern, and looped filtered chords. If you love me, steps up to the plate that bumps along with a lively bassline, spooky voices, panned percussion and shimmering synths.

A hands-up corker with a shuffling groove, hypnotic Sonuscore tones and a whispered vocal, makes an instant impression thanks to its rave clangs, frenetic drums and tumbling bassline. Some vocal chops and an edgy Sonuscore strumming fill out the rest of the track.

Boosting a stauncher main-room vibe: its retro, 90s-sounding, killer bassline and serious drum workout all come together to help move your hips. It’s top-notch stuff, with an arp line that will drive a dancefloor wild.

I hope you enjoy the track and thank you for visiting.

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