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Blended Dub-Stew

Blended Dub-Stew is a specialty condiment. It is a loose blend of dubstep, future chill and bass, psydub, drums and beats, heavy synth, and glitch music in a wet, digitalised but not to a powdered, form. The name “Blended Dub-Stew” is derived from the word “Photek-style neurofunk,” referring to how all the spices are pounded together to prepare the blend for the right mix.

In most parts of the world it is served at breakfast recovery time, as a hit the club appetiser, or as an energising snack in the evening. It is used as a blended mix and eaten along with flatbread or raw vegetables, such as tomatoes or cucumber, as a side dish.

Blended Dub-Stew is a gloriously eclectic affair which eschews dub-heavy rhythms and tempos with ease. Adopting treated vocals for the stew, packed with bass-heavy atmospherics and heady electronica merge with a righteous sense of anger in a thrilling listen of future chill and bass. Utilising the barest of ingredients the Blended Dub-Stew is a dark, forbidding affair which will make you go and hit the dance floor, or is the perfect fix at home.

Yet, Dub-Stew is a powerful, highly affective listen which will make the heart of any electronic fan leap with joy. Adjust the sound levels to suit your personal tastes. As always I hope you will enjoy the mix


Serves: Happy People

  • 1 Dubstep, finely diced
  • Chill-out, seeds removed
  • 1 bunch beats
  • 1 pinch psydub and psystep, to taste
  • 1 Downtempo
  • 500ml Glitch Hop
  • 425g Glitch music, tinned
  • 1 red chilli, seeds removed and finely diced
  • Some Heavy synths
  • 1 Spoon of Future bass base
  • 1 Spoon of Future chill base
  • Dash of ck, to serve

Great Artists:

Home (Original Mix) – Moontricks, ck's extended pitchfork mix
Save me – Kabanjak, ck's uhh mix
Daniel Troberg – Mechanics Very Bad
Polychoral (Original Mix) by Monuman
One Thing feat Cristina Soto feat Cristina Soto Bassnectar Remix
Lovesick by Lindstrom feat. Christabelle, added ck's girls choir mix
Chin Baby (Original Mix) by Chamberlain
False Identity – A State Of Delighted Astonishment
Amy Kuney Kiss Me Like You Mean It Butch Clancy Remix, ck's one more loop version
Glue (Original Mix) by Bicep
You Me feat Eliza Doolittle Flume Remix
Long Grass Serpent Original Mix
Vitalik Buterin Original Mix
Don’t Care Original Mix
Grindstone (Original Mix) by The Setup
Pretty Lights Original Mix
Timboletti – Soy Chacho (Original Mix)
Biomagnetik (Whitebear Mix) by Whitebear, Quanta, ck's 666 mix
Battaki Nicola Cruz Remix
As Time Goes By (Original Mix) by Zuma Dionys
Sadida – One P Two 158

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