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blow this place down

Shows off the funkier side of house, trap and edm.  The synthesized slap-bass line provides nearly as much melody to the track as the funky vocals, and the brooding synth sections lead into a catchiest hook. Influenced by trap and house, technically this track would actually fall under trap  genre, but I’m including “house” because of its influence on the track.

It is a track of the most uplifting feel good, and frankly a timeless edm track. Although there are some similarities to modern Nu-Disco, but mainly illustrates some of the key elements of trap genre. The main thing is that the track is heavily bass based, compared to the usually programmed or live original instrumentation that I play on gigs. Nu-disco has usually have the typical song structure of a pop song, with verses, a chorus, and various breakdowns, whereas House generally has a more constant and unvaried character throughout.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the track, my best wishes Christian