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where I know you from? A touch of filtered disco for extra shizzle, too. The main chop gently fades in and out under a steady groove beat with an analogue pattern, nu disco-style synths and looped filtered chords. Mixing together bubbling basslines, smooth keyboards, and funky riffs, plus regional twists, like work on cuica and percussion to spice up the funky mix a bit. Mainstream funk acts of the 70s! Filled with tight juicy grooves, great rhythms and tight instrumentation!

Bring out the heavy percussion on his extended track, which is designed for the DJs who like to build those immensely long sets. A clever arrangement that gives you over 4 minutes of percussive bliss mixed with bass groove and vocals drop. The flute and keys are drenched in sublime reverb and are beautifully placed in the mix, adding to the dancefloor bliss until the chorus hits you with a maximum aural punch.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the track, my best wishes Christian


where I know you from?