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The mix opens up with an easy track to set the motion rolling from nu-disco to dubstep and a few genres in between to take the centre stage on your speakers or earphones.

Combining moments of hard bass with rich melodies and driving trap, the mix is a energetic, highly effective sound-pimped listen trimmed with vocal loops, as well as wooshes, swirls and fx's which will make the heart of any electronic fan leap with joy.

Opener, Unfolding, sets us up nicely, building slowly but surely, before erupting into a crescendo of wondrous noise. A melodic bomb touched up by voice, gentle guitar riffs and a touchy house synth which immediately works its way under the skin, while meditation allows the listener to grab a quick breath before Frost Raven – Hall of Kings entices with its heavy beats. The mix has smatterings of dubstep, future house, nu-disco, hard bass, tough beats, hypnotic tones, forlorn synths and thunder crashes;

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the track, my best wishes Christian

List of included artist and tracks:

Overmono – iii's Front.mp3 66
Yellow Claw – Amsterdamned (Original Mix).mp3 75
Dukebox Beats – Cold (Original Mix).mp3 72
Oussema Saffar – Mirage.mp3 80
Frost Raven – After The Fall.mp3
Aztec Rhino.mp3 86
Icicle – Arrows.mp3 86
The Qemists – Requiem.mp386
Fred V – Like the Sun.mp3 90
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Memories.mp3 90
Agressor Bunx – Mental Process.mp3 90
MC Fava, Seba, Emily Harkness – Hearts Wander.mp3
Tha Trickaz – LGND.mp3
Kaleida – Take Me To The River.mp3
Kaleidoscope.mp3 101
Dubmaster Conte – P-Five.mp3 105
Dreadful Broz – I Dovregubbens Hall.mp3 140
Wildlight – Crucible.mp3 140
GNKZ. – 3lias! (Original Mix).mp3 80
Technimatic – Foreshadow (Interlude).mp3 82 ACA
Cybophonia – Interludio #1.mp3 80 ACA
Craze, Four Color Zack – Straight To The Point (Original Mix).mp3 80
Two Feet – Quick Musical Doodles.mp3 82
Hitmakerz Beatz – Love & Rain.mp3 85
Zoungla – Your Playful Heart.mp3 88
Phillipo Blake – Break Heart (Remaster Mix).mp3 92
Voo Doo Phunk – The Party.mp3 100
Cable – Vanisher.mp3 100
Fish Go Deep – Hive Mode.mp3 100
Kaya Project – Taki Ura Matts (Lo.Renzo Rmx).mp3 100
Beatfarmer – Burnin Through (Lo.Renzo Rmx).mp3 100
Temafeed – Up!.mp3 100
Bunny Sitar (Original Mix).mp3 102bmp
Perpetual Loop – Spectral Flare.mp3 107
Kaskade – On Your Mind.mp3 108
Olav Swarowsky – The Best Has Yet To Came.mp3 110
Words You Say (Original Mix).mp3 110
Machu Pickchu (DJ Tools).mp3 112
Bonu (Original Mix).mp3 111
Triplo Max – Shadow.mp3 114
Anela (Original Mix).mp3 115
Phaxe, Morten Granau – The Collective.mp3 140
Snails, Sullivan King, Big Ali – King Is Back (Marauda Remix).mp3 140
Infected Mushroom, Bliss, Miyavi – Bliss On Mushrooms.mp3 140
Dreadful Broz – I Dovregubbens Hall.mp3 140
Infected Mushroom, Bliss, Miyavi – Bliss On Mushrooms.mp3 140
Kryptic Minds – Badman Vip.mp3 140
Adam Liria – Experiment.mp3 140
OIKI – Groove.mp3 140
True Tiger – Be Like Me (Instrumental).mp3 140
Gemini – Blue.mp3 140
Dubstep Hitz – Thrift Shop.mp3 155
temafeed – Height.mp3 160
temafeed – Unknown.mp3 160 ACA
Let The Music Play (Original Mix) Hoxton Whores, James Hurr


colours of sound

‘colours of sound’ mix has smatterings of dubstep, trap, future house, nu-disco, guitar licks, forlorn synths and thunder crashes;