darkness suits me

John Common a boy 17 years of age received an invite with much excitement from his friends to attend a dance party. John curious, and seeking information about this celebration asked his mum “mum what is a dance party?’. His mum responded with describing…

[blockquote author=”Statement by John’s mum Elma Common” single=”true”]…a dance party as a place where a group of intoxicated people meet, all orchestrated by the devil himself. Crowds are dancing to glitch style music with darker themes and celebrating the darkness. Describing the ceremony as Bacchic rites with having the power to alter people’s moral judgements manifesting in the loss of traditional boundaries. An industrial-inflected music orgy indulging darkness in creating that eclectic, highly danceable, don’t care holiday feel.[/blockquote]

John Common that night had a dream which I will share with you.

John’s dream starting with the music playing trap, dubstep, and some form of glitch music with a high level of future bass, some tracks slow paced. The background noises include high pitch Vox, keyboards playing consistent notes, beating drums, as well as enticing dropping sound created by strings. The music has lyrics and the words are somewhat repetitive. Phrases included many sexual or deviant suggestions that John finds it to be stimulating.

Slowly and almost balanced to the beat the place in John’s dream takes shape. The curtain cleared the stage is set, the dream morphed in a festival of extraordinarily unusual, unrestrained activities, intoxication and ecstasy. Paid corrupted officials standing by making this event impunity with open to all social classes, ages and sexes to achieve an ecstatic union with the divine. There is this massive rush of hitting John, filled with happiness, and a genuine brilliant atmosphere. With everybody mainly feeding off each other, where everybody’s shouting and screaming and dancing. And all of a sudden John got this huge whoosh running through his body and out of it sort of thing – John didn’t know where it went – a tremendous energy force almost. And then going mad again, just dancing still and going crazy.” Feeling great!

John being here in his vision was like playing out narcissistic, infantile fantasies. It felt to him like total ‘masturbatory’. John temporarily’ freed from ‘fixed identity’ defined by gender, race, class or sexuality as the divisions and boundaries surrounding these identities become blurred. A dance track playing on the confusion between past and present to create an intense, chaotic reality and a synthesised contraction anything is available, everything can be delayed, slowed down, or distorted. It is this contraction creating a powerful emotional experience for John in his dream as all revel in Dionysian bliss.

In his dream, John an attractive man, with a beautiful body, and using his strength and lean body mass to impress women and scare men. Women seduced, fascinated by his mystique taking part of alcohol-fueled sexual promiscuity, in which screams of the abused were drowned out by the din of drums and psydub…blissed out and in complete overdrive John wakes up sweaty wondering about his dream and not fully understood whispers “darkness suits me”.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/571055811″ iframe=”true” /]

darkness suits me is the musical representing of different stages in John’s wicked dream. I hope you enjoy the production and thank you for listening.

All the fantastic artists included in the mix.
Glitched and dubbed by ck-sound

System Check (Original Mix) by Excision
The Gibbs – Hollow (Original Mix) [Not on Label]
Lacrimosa (Original Mix) by Apashe
Dream On (Original Mix) by Visua
Drunk Dub (Original Mix) by JFO
Workout Remix Factory – Intro (Instrumental; Workout Warmup Mix)
Sleepwalking (Original Mix) by Elderbrook
Dia Duro (Original Mix) by Baguvix
Lexus Riddim (Original Mix) by rAHHH
Don’t Think (Original Mix) by Julian Jeweil
Imma Go Like (Original Mix) by Puzzles
Charged (Original Mix) by Kanine
The Jungle (Original Mix) by Fhaken
Light of the North (Staunch Remix) by Kalya Scintilla
Swoog (Original Mix) by SampliFire, MVRDA
Slaycub – Forest Frequency
Jai Radha Madav 1.7 (Original Mix) by Deva Premal, AkroSonix
Ska Clothing (Original Mix) by Four-Leaf Corrupt
Hongos Longos vs Nelson Magalhaes – Ria
Walls (Original Mix) by Yotto
The Damned (Original Mix) by Baime
My Fallen Angel
Wicked dream by christian krauter
Clipped (Original Mix) by Dirty Audio
BrokenBlender – Confusion
Sweeper – Roads (Original Mix)
Do you love me – christian krauter
STAUNCH – The Menace
RL Grime – Feel Free (Blvk Sheep Remix)
Seven24 & Soty – Underwater
Phydra – Smoke Rings
Alan Walker – Faded (Anton Melody remix)
Vlastur & Nuage – Escalier
Eusebeia – Annihilation Of Inhibition
Snavs – Won’t Let Us
Darkness (Original Mix) by Mary Jane


darkness suits me

An industrial-inflected music orgy indulging darkness in creating that eclectic, highly danceable, don’t care holiday feel.