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melodía de artesanos

Whilst on a short vacation in Spain visiting my old friend Phae I got introduced to Francisco. A man incredible gifted with something I didn’t trust was possible no doubt I witness first hand a phenomenon.

I dedicate this production to Francisco Pablo a Spanish painter, magician, storyteller and poet currently a residence on the Puerto Rican Virgin Islands. I was honoured to be part of a small group of individuals to watch Francisco demonstrating his extraordinary talent.

In summary …. when he paints wonderful sounds have created a collection of and similar to dubstep, future bass and future chill. From my observations depending on his frame of mind, a variety of style and the attitude of his hands holding the brush will decide what lush ambience before morphing into a dense dubstep/future bass hybrid. At some parts, in our 60 minutes, session sequences of tapping sounds appeared almost like little spirits wearing the tap shoes dancing along to the nu-disco.

There is an explanation for everything it took us centuries to figure what makes a rainbow tick. Some melodies are like its being played in reverse, conjuring a sense of ancient menace which works its way right under the skin. Its shadowy soundscapes a treat for the mind. I honestly can’t determine but I think the origin of melody is coming from his canvas. Phae explained this with the physical phenomena associated with the presence and motion of matter that has a property of electric charge, I fancy Phae’s idea rather than having faith in magic, you do agree with me, right? No such thing as magic 🙂
I hope you enjoy my mix and until next time 🙂

All the fantastic artists included in the mix.
Glitched and dubbed by ck-sound

Feliz artesano by Christian Krauter
Nobody Else (Original Mix) by Duke & Jones
Honivo (Original Mix) by Jumo
Black Paper – Far Away (Original Mix)
Puffball – Skanky Abbot 85
Restless (Forest Mix) by Hinkstep
Sophia make me alive by Christian Krauter
SPIRALS by Zenhiser, Christian Krauter
No Sleep (Original Mix) – FLYES
Dreams (DnA Remix) – DNA, DNA, An-ten-nae, Dov1
Julian Convex – Gamekeeper
Ganga Giri – Cockatoo Boogaloo (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
Reload Dat (Original Mix) by TroyBoi
Frost Raven – Dragoon
The Damned (Original Mix) by Baime
Soundcritters – Unity got backgrounders
Frost Raven – Dragoon
ET Finger (Original Mix) by UFO!, Bro Safari
Reload Dat (Original Mix) by TroyBoi
Te Amo (Original Mix) by Bryan Kearney
KinjaBang (Original Mix) – TroyBoi
The Air You Breathe (Instrumental) by Tribeleader