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Great downtempo electronica with a few twists

We have been partying for 36 hours straight, please make it a soft landing. Be good and through in the mix some downtempo and chill-out classics…

feeling of déjà vu, a live set recovery session I played in Brisbane at a private event. It's a good chance you'll listen to a track of the world’s top Downtempo producers. The awesome Be Svendsen, is one of the artists of the electronic genre, known both for his remix work and his eclectic productions of chill-out and downtempo. The songs are well placed with very few samples at all. Think long working hours at night, a workout in the gym or maybe getting ready for the next uni assignment this mix would be a good choice.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the track, my best wishes Christian

List of included artist and tracks:

Coobe Zarathustra (Thomass Jackson Remix)
Be Svendsen Andromeda (Original Mix)
Man O To (Be Svendsen Remix)
Be Svendsen Andromeda (Original Mix)
Bufi Intro (Original Mix)
Reznik Schuhus Groove (Original Mix)
Naughty By Nature Down With OPP (Pecoe Edit)
Pablo Bolivar Dahnser (Original Mix)
Kora Fragile (Original Mix)
Marc Romboy Stephan Bodzin Atlas (Adriatique Remix)
atish Twiddles (Original Mix)
Nicola Cruz Tzantza (Simple Symmetry Remix)
Simple Symmetry Voodoo Your EX Original Mix
Tornado Wallace feat. Sui Zhen
Today (I:Cube Aujord'Hui Beats)
Yuksek & Bertrand Burgalat
Icare (Yuksek Remix)
Sascha Funke – Surumu (Original Mix)
Oliver Anders Back to the Island – Kouros Edit
Kellerkind feat. Sven Shakti Pan
Habits Stay High Hippie Sabotage Remix.MP4
Popcorn Poppers Kahunas (Original Mix)
Osunlade, Pastaboys Deep Musique (Rampa Remix)
Block & Crown Mistah Dobalina (Original Mix)
Kiu D Dynamite (Dr Packer Remix)
BOg Shila (Pavi Remix)


feeling of déjà vu – live set recovery session

Nice downtempo live set. the feeling of déjà vu, a recovery session played live in Brisbane with a few twists. The songs are well placed with very few samples at all.