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Glitchrific Melody Effects is a collection of long nights and happy sounds. Mindful melodic placements and arrangements of Glitch Music, Progressive House, Electronica, EDM, Psydub, Indie Dance and Glitch Hop features glitches, chops, cutting, and funk-inspired hip-hop beats all mixed up with ambient dub a fusiongenre of electronic music that has its roots in psychedelic trance. Supported by Dominos, KCF, Daniel from www.soundshockaudio.com/, Zenheiser, Music Radar, Resonance Sound – Essential Free Samples Vol.1 and Vol.2, Cymatics, PRO StiickzZ and GhostShack. Artists which made this production so special: Stonefist – Health, Two Feet – Quick Musical Doodles, Oscar Salguero – Progressive Memories, Song of the Stones – Kayla Scintilla, Steve Midnight – Wonder Scream, What Will Become of Us – Deadlife, Interaktion – Unisonlap, Hollow Grounds – Shah, The Brig & Umperia – Siren (Remix HaBl), Sideways – Uffie, Check It (Original Mix) – Atomic, Gysnoize – This Is Could Be the Last Night, Ocean Shiver – Yarlan Zey, Lemaitre, Jennie A. – Closer, Gramatik – Balkan Express, Get Soap (Original Mix) by K+Lab, Give Me Something To Funk (feat. Kelly Finnigan) by Balkan Bump, Nils Van Zandt – Kalinka (Extended Mix), Funky Party People (Original Mix) by Hush Space;
As always thank you for listening and enjoy.

“In a very narrow sense, the term “glitch-hop” could be interpreted as ‘mid-tempo, twisted hip-hop beat with distorted, heavy bass and acapellas’, but I rather see it as a tentative name which somehow stuck and is now wide-spread (relatively at least). It is rather directed outwards to encompass various music styles sometimes also referred to as: acquacrunk, turbo crunk, lazer bass, future blap, future beatz, street bass, heavy bass, wonky, hyphy, usually falling within the broader categories of IDM, EDM and recently, quite often flirting with dubstep”
— Docktor Krank


glitchrific melody effects