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duchess final chapter – wicked sister:

Inspired by my dear friend Phae Barrett who that night got drunk with me as the duchess finale was born. The production is a follow up to Duchesses Love Crimes (Part 1 and Part 2) of the Duchess House series.
Well for those who are not familiar with the previous chapters …. A reflection in a nutshell, a friend was killed at the hand of a female demon called Lilith HOUSE. I hunted the monster down with the help of my friends and my trusted lion-hearted warriors. Nobody knew that I fell in love with the beast and a part of me died that night as well. An old church in a secret location making a debut as her grimy grave and guarded by my fellow fighters.

A year has gone by since we assassinated the evil spirit in an extraordinary battle and vivid dreams supersede my nights ever since in the revenge of my dear friend Murray Dubstep. All those dreams have one phenomenon in common, a female baptised Banshee walking by my house and whispering a message to me which I can not remember the following day.

Little did I perceive about the world of demons and dark places before I fell in love with the evil brute. And since Lilith death like a maniac, I studied the Clavicula Salomonis Regis a reliant resource in demonology. Putting the pieces together I uncovered the most terrifying fact of my dead lover and villain that I had killed. Raise the curtain for Lilith’s wicked sisters Elisa Succubi, Lady Midday and Suki Onibaba, the latter being the worst of the worst. My brain raging I tried to calm myself down repeatedly saying to myself Chill-out, Chill-out.

It was the very same moment that I realised the sister’s existence, that killing over the radio was reported. In a shocking state, I listened to two of my club of lion-hearted warriors get butchered at Lilith’s grave at the old church while being on watch. I inspected the grim-faced location with the rest of my men and we identified Lilith’s coffin was empty.

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