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guardians of all-nighter

Meet the elite of the protectors of the famous all-nighter, a group with organic and natural superpowers to last longer. One supplement at the disposal to the GUARDIANS at all times is the mix endorsed by academics around the world as it will increase your energy and stamina levels to new heights. Let me ask you where you going at your hardest the night before and feeling ill? Please sit back and don’t worry we got it covered you will be back in action within seconds. Warning side effects may occur in the form of dancing like movements controlled or some report uncontrolled, or in some events even talking to hot chicks, and all while listening to the musical approach of minimalism, focusing my attention on synthesised bubble sounds, brash treble, deep bass, and distended, anonymous vocals and glistening harmonics.

Join our heroes to protect the after party music galaxy from those nasty party poopers its alien and hypnotic, with notes buzzing like steam from galactic fissures. A twin-headed epidemic of dance music to presumptive contemporaries from those euphoric uplifts and opens with the literal oceanic.

Under the umbrella of chill-out genre, GUARDIANS OF ALL-NIGHTER incorporates a variety of sounds from downtempo, dubstep, techno house and nu-disco, with some cut-up vocal-samples, disco’s delicious synths and glittery sweep—to craft a true musical battle against any decrease in energy or stamina.

The natural properties of the musical healing agent is recovery, recovery and recovery, it will make you feel like going running for a 5K and climbing the Himalaya’s without any oxygen support. In case if you feel nausea please close your eyes for a few seconds while listening and imagine the tune destroying any levels of nausea. With an aggressive charm, it’s to focus on the sense of excitement and innocence to enjoy that assistance of making you go longer and harder – as always enjoy and thank you for the great support.

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guardians of all-nighter