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Technology has given artist new tools and ways of imagining their live performance. We can now sync live visuals, trigger samples on the fly, have access to unlimited effect processing, and all of this can be done through a single computer. Virtual DJ 8 gives DJs an easy way to envision their live set and add as much simplicity, or complexity as they would like. Atomix, the company behind VirtualDJ, has consistently taken risks on the types of features that they choose to integrate far before they’re popular.

[blockquote author=”From digitaldjtips” single=”true”]Virtual DJ 2018 is a big update that adds features that are at the cutting edge of digital DJing today which, unsurprisingly, have less to do with mixing and beatmatching and more to do with putting on an engaging visual performance: [/blockquote]

Virtual DJ is a one-stop music mixing application for your Mac and PC, allowing you to spin your vinyl turntables on a laptop. Looking like a classic DJ set-up, with a mixer and two decks, I personally prefer minimum 4 decks – preferable 6. Also match their relative speed to match their tempo and apply effects like loops etc. It lets you to scratch your songs and set and recall cues.

VirtualDJ 2018 makes it easier & more fun to show yourself at your club

The upgraded Sampler in v8 offers you to play unlimited number of samples simultaneously. Samples can be audio, video or even still images. The sampler is accessed through sideview where you can select any bank and drag-n-drop samples directly in the slots. You can organise these samples and trigger like an instrument bank. The sampled files are found in sample folder in browser from where you can directly play as many samples as you want simultaneously. The sampler also has a special bank called “remix mode”. This bank transfer your sampler into smart cue-pads. You can edit your own remix points else VirtualDj 8 automatically detect and fills the remix points with the breaks in your songs.

Some DJs don’t consider VDJ 8 it to be “professional” software for performance

There is a custom knob and custom buttons on each deck of the default skin. You can fill these according to what you find missing in the default skin. The online API will spark some ideas and I love to code my own functionality into the software. You can even build your own theme with custom functionality.

Well, I’ve some good news its not the case. The software got a crisp interface and support for Retina/high DPI displays. Once you’ve seen just how sharp everything looks, everything’s so much easier to read! A great powerful feature is within the new editor functions that allow you to perform various audio-related tasks, some of which would be traditionally found in a Digital Audio Workstation like Pro Tools or a video editor like iMovie.

Virtual DJ 8 is fantastic software that I highly recommended: It’s a great rewrite and we really should be celebrating: a great sounding audio engine, rock solid performance stability, and an exciting vision for what features and functions an all-in DJ software should have in this day and age of mixed media DJ/producers. Virtual DJ is known for having one of the largest, if not the largest, list of officially compatible controllers that work straight out of the box 210 at the moment.


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