…to your birthday

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…to your birthday

Extraterrestrial beings beam down to Earth from time to time to find a playmate, hey don’t be surprised this craziness has been going on for centuries. Traveller Adana considered a female alien is one of them which happens to have birthday! In an old tradition on her planet known to her as the Electronica event is to receive a birthday travel wormhole ticket and a special gun. The weapon is used to whip-out the subjects ability to think and to force the playmate to the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into the mind, as well as to change his or her values, and beliefs.

[blockquote author=”Steve Rapper, Harvard University” single=”true”]Universities worldwide agreed to the fact the activities involve physical intimacy between the alien and one or more individuals[/blockquote]

Government have joined forces to investigate and research behavioural changes on those harmed in the act. Universities worldwide agreed to the fact the activities involve physical intimacy between the alien and one or more individuals and contribute to what is known as coitus or copulation and is clearly a sexual assault on humanity. American, Russian and Asian Governments have declared war on the aliens and defines in the report “unwanted sexual contact that stops short of rape or attempted rape”. An article in the Huffpost warns the aliens to stop the activities immediately or the result is a massive atom rocket launch at the wormholes. We do believe Governments are bluffing not knowing the whereabouts of the arrival or departure wormhole.

Very little is known of the sexual act itself with the aliens and further research is required. Current community research has prepared some reports on the topic with disturb findings like musical preferences on the scene. With the female aliens listening to emotion-drenched ambience melodies and shuffling beats and in contra the male alien preferring a club-ready minimal house both creating a highly effective beat making at the heart of any victims leap.

The research uncovered clear evidence of that fact when people being gunned down to have the experiences as stimulating and pleasurable, and typically involve feeling as if one is floating. Most of the subjects showing after the abuse strong interest in Future bass and Future chill music and strange behavioural change in what seems to be dance-like moves to beats. Other external private funded studies merely examined and sated the occurrence of behaviours in disconnected from reality, feelings of joy or rush, decreased inhibitions, and the belief that one has extreme mental clarity or superpowers.

A toast to my alien friend Adana …. It’s your birthday 🙂


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