R.I.P. Barbarella

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R.I.P. Barbarella

In a sad event, today commander of the space nudity Barbarella passed away with the tragic disappearance on Netflix. Barbarella most iconic sex goddess of the ’60s was assigned by the Emanuel Dubstep the minister of glitch and John Electronica the president of the space explorer program to find all known planetary system in the universe and to fight all evil against nudity.

[blockquote author=”John EDM, Minister of Glitch” single=”true”]John EDM, a minister of glitch deeply concerned raised that future bass and chill generations should not forget commander Barbarella which set the milestone to express art in film. [/blockquote]

The set a sense of texture and space, building slowly but surely, before erupting into a crescendo of wondrous noise. Merging electronica, glitch, psydub, grime and more on a fresh, invigorating mix refusing to sit still. Inspired by the movie Barbarella the set gets things off to a divine start, vocals merging with spacious beats and evocative melodies to create a mesmerising musical stew.

Barbarella’s Best Achievements:

The Church, which called the commander “a sick, heavy-handed fantasy showing nudity and graphic representations of sadism’. 

Winning against the excessive-pleasure machine, which induces fatal sexual pleasure. She outlasts the machine, which shuts down.

Helping a blind angel who has lost the will to fly to fire up his wings again.

Nominated for the best striptease scene in space …


Barbarella (film)
Jane Fonda
Dino De Laurentiis

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