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Scrapbook in C

Have you got a scrapbook? Many people have one or a number of logbook snd each unique to its creator's particular interests. Never heard about it well compare it with a treasure chest a relative to the scrapbook and is part of the treasury family  both compiled with cherished collections one filled with recipes, quotations, letters, poems the other the host to jewellery, gold, silver and chems.

I always wanted to design one of those Nobel books but I had no success on my quest fail miserably on all my attempts. I arrived in a one-way street and realised that I am hopeless as a handyman burning and seeking an alternative route to construct representations of my cherished moments.

It hit me like a truck when I discovered the answer hankered in my brain and comparing it with something I practise almost every day. A recorded live set is of similar in nature  compared to the notebook. Here comes my theory that each live set is unique and very special based on the variables of what: concert, radio station-sponsored parties; when: day, nighttime, weekends, etc. A DJ wants exactly that create an amazing musical creation people just like the scrapbook beautiful decoration on handcrafted designs.

My craving to create a musical scrapbook to manifest wonderful times with my friends whenever I listen to this track. I changed the dynamics and adjusted my adventure slightly and unlike a live event a choose with no people. It was one of the larger areas in my house with large printed photos copies of my friends almost real-sized blasted over the walls. I was observing my friends just like I do when I play in front of real people and a dash of magic one friend occupied my thoughts the most filling my brain with the sweetest memories. I was creating my musical scrapbook and would like to dedicate this Scrapmix to Christiane Wutte  a very special friend of mine.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the track, my best wishes Christian

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