Sound Shadows

Great electronica mixes often come out of extensive preparation to match synthesisers and beats, planning and careful orchestration of unique sonic textures and loops. However, there are also the fortunate and surprising occasions when a sound event is captured, sometimes casually or even accidentally, where it demands to be heard.


When satisfying my thirst for new sequences of sounds creating glitch effects, nu disco-style synths, dubstep-heavy bass, looped filtered chords, percussive bliss or bass grooves I captured my best strikes on Sound Shadows for you to listen too.


“The power of the moments I captured accidentally”


DJ’ing every Friday to a small group of friends and to test out my latest mixing glitch music from future chill & bass to dubstep and trap, I began to realise the power of the moments I captured accidentally, and that I owed those moments a chance to be appropriately represented.

Over the next days, I carefully designed the mix, to achieve a sonic quality that simply offers, in all its attraction, a collective musical statement of these sometimes impulsive or even incidentally moments. Drawing its sound from Trap, Future bass & chill and House elements, Sound Shadows is an upbeat and feel good style of glitching music and clever arrangement of tracks.

Sound Shadows a mix with dark but uplifting, and foreboding twists will peal and alert your awareness in search of the place in your consciousness that suits them best with some escaping to the dead zones of sound shadows. Decorated with melodies, in between harmonies, there are shouts and outbursts, and rhythms of chaos by the banging of punk rock, accelerated by the wobbles of dubstep.

Acoustic pieces sometimes surfacing above the shades of dark sci-fi, high pitched Vox, followed by euphoric shadow, bumping along with a lively bassline, spooky voices, panned percussion and shimmering synths. Complex but immaculate layering and many subtle sound effects emerge as each shadow speaks becoming a new source of harmony, a new point of centre.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the mix, my best wishes Christian

List of included artist and tracks:

Snails, Sullivan King, Big Ali – King Is Back (Mastadon Remix)
Sundre – Abomination
WORKOUT – Trail of Metal
Adam Liria – No Name
Whisper Of The Gods
DANIEL LENZ – Violate Yourself
Workout Electronica – Dubstep & Bass Fitness Playground, Pt. 1
Steven Solveig – One Night In Space (Original Mix)
Frost Raven – After The Fall
Deks – Stay Original Mix
Arien M – Wine Original Mix
Slam – The World Original Mix
Lorenzo D’Ianni, Joel Fletcher – Two Faced Original Mix
Randy – WWW Original Mix
Donk – Excite Original Mix
Stanislav – Dark Energy Original Mix
Winzler – Danger Original Mix
Basher Toe – Sonic Gompa Original Mix
K Theory – The Tower L F Ogre Liquid Dubstep Remix 2018 Remaster
Limetone – Mamba Original Mix
MazeOne – STBB 591 Original Mix
Metković – Birdwatching Original Mix
LTJ Xperience – Black Feeling Original Mix
In The Blue Shirt – Gray Herons Original Mix
Love City DJs, 3xpo, Dominobruh – Bubble Hash Original Mix
Groovefinder, Leah McCrae – All This Love That I m Giving feat Leah McCrae Acapella
Jimmy Pe – Pure Beauty Original Mix
The Sailors, Stone Van Brooken – Wrong Way The Sailors Remix
Tarawangsawelas, Tarawangsa Sunda Lugina – Sekalipun featuring Tarawangsa Sunda Lugina Original Mix
Globular – Lemon
Andrew Claristidge – Discovering the Source Original Mix
Sporeal Encounters
A Fitting End
Memphidos – Flying in my dream
Michael Vermey – Stolen Dream
Christian Krauter – that’s all I know


Sound Shadows

Decorated with melodies, in between harmonies, there are shouts and outbursts, and rhythms of chaos by the banging of punk rock, accelerated by the wobbles of dubstep.