That’s all I know

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Thats all I know

The sound of hip hop has morphed over the years, encapsulating styles such as boom bap, hard-hitting beats and lyricism, and introspective, conscious rapping, all the way to mumble rap and a wave of 808-driven trap records.

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“A echo-heavy track with the power to mess with anybody’s head”


The song is a different approach to my usual work, it expands on his dynamic sound, borrowing from footwork, trap, grime and a variety of contemporary underground styles. In a slightly different lane to some of my previous productions, it creates an upbeat melody to vibe too. An energising track with guitar riffs alongside vocals, it’s a beat instantly recognisable and hard to forget. A pulsating beat which is matched by the off-beat trippy synthesizer strikes, the undergirding tonic in both the synthesizer line and the guitar line.

A simple future house to trap record that will stay with you for days after your first listen. A successful exploration into how far you can take percussion as the focal point when producing trap. Throw in some surging, detached vocals alongside the drums and throw in some glitchy sounds

A deliciously strange low-end mutations, which mixes vocals and a twisted version of drum n‘ bass with aplomb. A echo-heavy track with the power to mess with anybody’s head.