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The nouveau-mix evoked the pleasure of rediscovering one of my favourite quotes:

Music moves people in ways that nothing else can. Different sound, beats, rhythm and harmony lead to different emotional journeys. Music can transport us to places we’ve never been to before and the sound of a sweet and gentle voice can melt your heart completely.

I was wondering if I can unleash a diverse, elegiac sound poem matching the quote. Sinking the idea that some wicked sound has come out of a quote, right? Crafted like an eclectic cathedral of sound, each song on the mix is a keystone. And the sum is greater than its parts: without one piece, the temple will fall. There was comfort in the shuffling of song structures, across a range of genres, from house and electro through dubstep to nu-disco to chill-out.

“Fuck it, it’s time for a dark and sparse a synth/stab”

The tracks are made up of inexplicable danceable beats and, oftentimes, a simple loop drives an entire track. Creating complex tribal-infused percussive rhythms between vocal layers—some of which are warehouse grooves that become the beats to the quoted lyrical wandering—inclusion of subtle electronics, like the mangled reversed tones percolating below the sweet, siren-like vocals. The mix is primed for peak-time jams as well as hypnotic after-hours workouts.

Music Artists create, but DJ’s can recreate, share, remix, and mash-up, earning their own fame. Without the amazing architects of melodies and frequencies, a traditional DJ’s would not have much to show. Just like this mix is filled with strong songs and lyrics from the music artists listed below.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the mix, my best wishes Christian

List of included artist and tracks:

Noisestorm – Heist
Axel Thesleff – Bad Karma
Zabo – Drown
Artbat, Dino Lenny – Atlas ( its house ck remix)
Techno Red – Energetically Acapella
LOthief – Misirlou Original Mix
Mitsuki – Faker Original Mix
My Rules (Original Mix) by DeDrecordz
Dont Wanna Wait ft Leah Culver Kamas Remix
Flavours – Judder Pop Original Mix
Petroza – Fin Original Mix
The Burgs – ATM Original Mix
Elonious – Gotta Believe Original Mix
Alexandra Follmann-Rivera – Feel the beat Original Mix
Split – Drones Squadron Original Mix
Esseks – Mellow Drama Original Mix
DJ Trendsetter – Pop Corn Trap mix
Miss To You (Original mix) by Flamery
Cinnabar Island – Funny How Original Mix
Grave Digger – Frontline
Gdlk – Test Subject
PPK – Resurection (Robot's Outro)
Alix Perez – Last Rites
Mixed Glitchyfied by Christian Krauter


subconscious frequencies

Shuffling of song structures, across a range of genres, from house and electro through dubstep to nu-disco to chill-out.