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Sundays Squirrel & Divas

The Mix is a fully realised body of work which conjures an air of melancholy and combining moments of twisted drum n‘ bass versions. Sundays Squirrel and divas is deliciously strange low-end mutations listening which is more than enough to keep any dance music fan amused. Opener, Unfolding, sets us up nicely, building slowly but surely, before erupting into a crescendo of wondrous noise. Further in, the mix a melodic bomb by Kumiho works its way under the skin, while Breathing Fire by the Oddness allows the listener to grab a quick breath before entices with its deep, heady throb.

Full of melodic flourishes, fractured beats, and pastoral soundscapes, Sundays Squirrel and Diva’s is a must-listen for anyone who likes their electronica with an edge. The lush, but almost chill—out mix it will get things off in preparing us for the strange wavy tones.

Mixed by Christian Krauter included artists
Blossoms – Christian Krauter
Nitrotune – The Lost Voices Original Mix
Dan Aslow, Alberto Drago – No Escape Original Mix
Sonata in a Minor English Version
The Oddness – Breathing Fire Original Mix
Jai Radha Madav 1 7 Original Mix
N’Gwa – Delicate Sanctuary.mp3
Rebirth – Chasing The Sun (Original Mix)
Kumiho – NO Escape
Radar Detector – Falling (Original Mix)
DJ Pacha – Silver Church (Original Mix)
2winbros – Wicked of Fire (Original Mix)

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sunday's squirrel & divas

Sundays Squirrel and Diva’s