A musical experiment that could unlock the precise prediction of Wobble physics.

A experiment that could unlock precise prediction of Wobble physics. In the summer of 2018, Theoretical physicists and DJ’s teamed up to start the operation and dropped down from the usual 140 BPM’s to 130 beats per minute as their tempo.
Part of the examination is to study a sensation caused by listening to certain styles of Drum and Bass or Dubstep music. A discovery is known as the “Wobble Effect” created of electronic music known primarily for its off-kilter or “unstable” beats, as well as its eclectic blend of genres including hip hop, electro-funk, chiptune, jazz fusion, glitch, and crunk.”


“There is a wobble race of sorts between experiment and theory”


The team have just released the most precise prediction of how listening to dubstep music is moving listeners creating a “wobble” effect in their path of the movement. The calculations take into account how the wobble aspect of dubstep interacts with electronica, nu-disco, future house, EDM, drum and bass.

As the results, published in Ministry of Sound Review Letter as an Editors’ Suggestion, come just in time for the start of a new experiment measuring the wobble with hazy melodies and shuffling beats, and emotion-drenched ambience giving you a psychedelic-tinged experience. The experiment combines bass-heavy atmospherics and heady electronica merging with a righteous sense of anger in a thrilling listen of modern dub and psydub.

Heroic DJ’s and physicists join forces

“There is a wobble race of sorts between experiment and theory,” Ministry of Glitch said. The Sound experiment has begun its search for wobble particles in those bass, guitar & keyboard, and sound waves we love. Getting a more precise experimental measurement allows you to listen and compose more melodic details of the wobble theory. And then you also need to control the theory calculation at higher and higher levels to match the precision of the experiment.

Meanwhile, the theorists and DJ’s have been refining their calculations to match the precision of the new experiment. “There have been many heroic DJ’s and physicists who have spent a huge part of their lives on this problem,” James Hip Hop said. “What we are measuring is a tiny deviation from the expected behaviour of the heavy synthesizer bass lines and smooth pitch bends that drives the low-end of the frequency spectrum. But everything about the fate of the laws of Wobble physics depends on that difference. So, it sounds small, but it’s really important. “Listen to the Wobble Experiment mix will help you to understand everything and to explain this deviation,” he said.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the mix, best wishes Christian

List of included artist and tracks:

Mejko & Stephen Geisler – False Eternity (Original Mix)
Drop Kick (Original Mix) by Stu Fusion
Fox Stevenson – Rocket
Opalesence – I Know You_Re Out There
The Dark Passenger – Charlie’s Valedictions
Noisia – Tommy’s Theme (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix)
Cheeky Groove (Original Mix) Latin DJ Toolz
The E.N.D (Original Mix) Éder Cambuí
Dead by Daylight (Original Mix) Stranguh
Minimal Electro Samples 128 (Tool 9) South Killah
Wolf Tech Weird World
DJ Madd – Level di Vibes
Love Notes in Stasis (Original Mix) Of A Great Red Cypress
Echo & Tito – Yyy (Tribone Remix)
Ragil Original Mix Vortex
Quantum (Original Mix) by Alex Panchenco
Get Me Down (Original Mix) by Truman Delgado
Reflections (Original Mix) Supernova
Emog Oshun
Sleepy Koala Chiii Boiii ( Feat. Charlotte’s Voice)
I’m Gonna Funk U feat. AdniL (Original Mix) LTJ Xperience
Want It (Original Mix)Dj Aspirins
Obertura (Original Mix) PL/AY/DATE
Por acqui va (Original Mix) Yamilet Vivas, The Blacks Shamanes
Resilienza (Olsvangèr Remix) Concret, Strapontin, Olsvangèr
Cheeky Groove (Original Mix) Latin DJ Toolz
Bambola Bad Girls mix (Original Mix) Nosta 2 Larue
Broko Broko – Different
Templo – Deja
Detached (Original Mix) KTRL
Quanta – Inthe Realms Of
Earth Child – Anarco Dub
Echo & Tito – Yyy (Tribone Remix)
Greenlights – Pineapple
Wu Wei – Eternally Unfolding
Unlike Pluto – Dosage (Original Mix)
Yarn – Divine Dive.mp3
Mark Holiday – Noir (Cyberpunk Edit).mp3
Grains Of Sand In The Ganges
KOJO – Cripple Tech


The Wobble Experiment

A musical experiment that could unlock the precise prediction of Wobble physics.